Qik Beta for BlackBerry Tour Tested

Last week I wrote an article about Qik rolling out a beta app for BlackBerry users running OS 5.0. Well, last night I received an email from Qik Product Marketing Manager, Jiuyu Zhou, with instructions for downloading the Qik beta app as well as a request to test the BlackBerry Tour’s network. After waiting nearly 8 months I was psyched to finally get my hands on the app and start messing around with it. However, I decided to take a couple minutes first to test the Tour’s network since the results will help the Qik mobile development team find a fix to the streaming live video issue on CDMA devices.

Nonetheless, once the network test was complete I went ahead and downloaded Qik beta version OTA. The installation was smooth and there was no need to reboot the OS to get started, therefore I launched the app, entered my login credentials, and connected successfully to Qik. I’ve been playing with the app for a while and with the exception of streaming live video, everything is working fine and the video upload feature is flawless. As I mentioned in my previous article, streaming live video was a known issue for CDMA devices so I did not expect this feature to be available in this beta version. However, BlackBerry users running OS 5.0 on a GSM device have the ability to stream live video from their BlackBerry to their Qik page as well as the ability to upload recorded videos that already exist on their device.

If you already received your Qik beta app, but are not sure how to upload recorded videos to your Qik Web page here is what you need to do. Launch the Qik app, enter your login credentials, and then choose whether you want your video to be “Private” or “Public.” To do this select “Make Private” or “Make Public” from the menu or simply press the letter “P” to toggle back and forth between the two choices. Next, launch the menu and choose “Upload Video” from the list. At this point you should be able to see a list of recorded videos on your device. Scroll through your recorded videos and select the video you want to upload to Qik. When you are prompted with the a dialog box “Upload this file?” choose “Yes.” The next screen allows you to choose a title for your video and the social media sites you would like to share your video on – if any.

That’s it, you’re done. Depending on your network speed, your video should upload to your Qik Web page shortly and be available for viewing.

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