We Met on the Social Network, Vine!

The year was 2013 when Savannah and I first met. Unlike the traditional methods used to foster new friendships, Savannah and I connected on the now defunct social network, Vine. If you are unfamiliar with Vine, it was a Twitter-owned social network where users shared 6-second looping video clips. Some users shared raw slices of their personal life while others leveraged the platform to showcase their creative talents.

I was a popular content creator at the time who enjoyed showcasing my stop-motion videos on the social network. My 6-second loops were viewed by millions and shared by thousands, including mainstream celebrities such as Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) and Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers). Savannah was a content consumer who often watched loops that included music, comedy, and fur babies. On occasion, she shared her own clips, but preferred viewing Vines of interest. Although we were on opposite sides of the content divide there was a common denominator that sparked our conversations – our love of dogs.

My primary focus on the platform was using objects to create stop-motion loops, but one day while searching for creative ideas I thought it would be cute to work with my yellow Lab, Hunter. Shortly after I introduced Hunter to my audience I noticed that a new segment began to form. Savannah was definitely included in this segment as she is a huge dog lover and has always had a special spot in her heart for Labrador Retrievers. Savannah seemed to appreciate my new furry 6-second loops that filled her feed because the cute clips often prompted her to engage with my content. Her interactions never went unnoticed either.

During this time, I was living in Atlanta collaborating remotely with my team to build a new social network. I was also preparing to spearhead the launch of the social network at the next South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. Savannah was living in Michigan and had recently earned a scholarship from the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and was in the process of entering into a national flight training program in Washington D.C.

Savannah and I were extremely busy with our careers at this time so our Vine activity began to taper a bit. However, we both agreed that we wanted to establish a closer friendship so we moved our conversations to text messages and Skype in an effort to get better acquainted. After a few conversations, we quickly realized that we had a lot more in common than our love of dogs. Our friendship began to blossom nicely, but the long distance between us kept us stuck in the friend zone.

After Savannah successfully completed the national flight training program she set her sights on a full-time career in the aviation field. Once I learned about Savannah’s career ambitions I floated the idea about exploring aviation opportunities in the city that houses the busiest airport in the United States – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Savannah initially chuckled at the idea, but then decided to research opportunities in the city and eventually put out feelers. In the end, Savannah entertained my idea and traveled South to visit me and to explore the city to determine if it would be a good fit.

It was July 9, 2013 when Savannah landed in Atlanta. This was the very first time we met in person. While we have chatted via text, telephone, and Skype for months, it was definitely surreal seeing Savannah exit the baggage claim area and head my way. I typically handle situations extremely well under pressure and thrive as the pressure increases, but when Savannah walked across the street toward me I simply melted. I was truly mesmerized by her beauty. However, once we locked eyes and I guided her closer, I knew at that moment everything was going to play out perfectly. This day marked the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in our lives.

Within two weeks of visiting, Savannah packed her bags and moved to Atlanta with her fur baby, Chloe, to kickstart her aviation career and take our relationship to another level. Savannah adapted to the new zip code quickly and enjoyed her new career. She interacted with some well-known people in her new line of work such as Huey Lewis, Alan Jackson, Ben Carson, Kid Rock, and Jim Harbaugh. Overall, Savannah’s new career was rewarding on so many levels. Things were materializing nicely in our relationship as well and we both knew that God had an awesome plan for our future together.

Savannah and I often giggle about how we met since Vine isn’t exactly a dating website. However, we embrace our story and enjoy sharing it with others. We never expected to find love on a social network that showcased 6-second loops, but we are thankful that Vine brought us together. As of this writing, Savannah and I have been together for almost 5 years and we are preparing for the next chapter. Stay tuned!

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