The Perfect Surprise Marriage Proposal

The day was October 12, 2018 when I left the jewelry store with a beautiful engagement ring in hand and my pockets a lot less lined. I’ve spent several months searching for the perfect bridal set that would compliment the beauty of my soon-to-be fiancée, Savannah, and I was extremely satisfied with the final product. However, as I walked away from the jewelry store thoughts of how the proposal will ultimately play out immediately entered my mind. While I have kicked around possible scenarios over the last year, I quickly realized the clock was now ticking and I needed to find a creative way to propose.

Typically, I spend a fair amount of time thoroughly researching topics, especially topics outside of my wheelhouse that require me to navigate through uncharted waters. However, instead of taking the aforementioned approach, I decided to think outside the box and spearhead the proposal plan without any assistance. Although there are countless websites that offer fantastic advice and unique ideas for marriage proposals I wanted to own it. I wanted it to be creative, romantic, and memorable. I wanted to incorporate elements that would capture what is meaningful in our relationship.

Within days of purchasing the engagement ring I landed on a proposal idea that I felt would warm Savannah’s heart. The idea satisfied all of my checkboxes, but it involved a lot of moving parts and required cooperation from Savannah’s family members who lived 900 miles away – some of which I never met in person. However, after I put out feelers and received positive feedback, I was confident that I was able to pull off the perfect proposal.

I spent approximately 2 months orchestrating a proposal that would incorporate a large number of Savannah’s family members knowing it would increase the surprise exponentially. I wanted the day to be the most memorable day of Savannah’s life to date. The challenge involved corralling 20+ family members who lived in Michigan and requesting their presence in Atlanta a week before Christmas and 2 days after Savannah and I closed on the new home we built. I sketched staging areas, created a structured itinerary, recruited family members to record video, installed hidden cameras, and ensured everyone knew the cue word so they could rush the second-story balcony to applaud after I popped the question.

Two days prior to the proposal family members began to head south for the big event. I made arrangements for the majority of family members to stay at my secondary Atlanta residence while others stayed at nearby hotels. During this time, I shared directions to our new home, the floorpan, and precise instructions that all family members must follow in order for the surprise proposal to be successful. I carefully communicated with one designated family member while they were in town so I can ensure everyone else was on the same page at all times.

On the afternoon of December 14, 2018 Savannah and I, along with our fur babies, Kahlua and Chloe, headed out to grab lunch. This was a planned lunch so family members could arrive at our home undetected and get in position. Prior to leaving our home, I disconnected all of our interior and exterior security cameras so Savannah and I would not receive notifications when the cameras discovered motion. Approximately 1 hour before the proposal more than 20 family members arrived at the house, scrambled to set up additional cameras, and took their places.

It was 4:17pm when my Apple Watch vibrated with a message that read “We are ready!” I felt an incredible adrenaline rush race through my body at that point. However, I’ve been preparing for this day for months so I simply remained calm and stayed focused on the game plan.

On our way back to the house I quietly rehearsed the proposal in my head while Savannah took selfies with the fur babies. As soon as we made it home Savannah hopped out of the vehicle to use the restroom. This allowed me a few minutes to collect my thoughts, retrieve the engagement ring safely, and set up one final camera for a close-up shot. As I paced the family room waiting for Savannah I could feel the heat escaping my body as her family members watched my every move from above.

After a few minutes, Savannah met me in the family room. It was now all eyes on me and I didn’t waste any time. I reached out to her and said “I have a serious question for you.” A few more words were exchanged and then I got down on one knee and delivered a sweet, heartfelt message and then asked Savannah for her hand in marriage. Her reaction was priceless and of course she said “yes!” Family members rushed the balcony to celebrate – the cheers were loud, tears were shed, smiles were bright, high fives were exchanged, and the end result was definitely memorable for Savannah and everyone who attended the beautiful event that day. 

Shortly after the celebration, Savannah and I collected video footage from multiple interior cameras and mobile phones so it could be stitched together to create a full-length marriage proposal video. Once completed, we uploaded the proposal video to Facebook and YouTube to announce our engagement. We were pleased with the finished product so we decided to share our special day with the world. The video has since been uploaded to other social media websites, licensed to media companies, and showcased on television shows. You can check out the full-length video below, along with the shorter version that aired on the television show, Right This Minute.

Today, Savannah and I are enjoying our new home and we are in the process of planning our dream wedding. Stay tuned for Mr. & Mrs. Credendino!

Full-length Marriage Proposal Video

Right This Minute Marriage Proposal Video

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