Kahlua, The Praying Puppy!

Shortly after Kahlua was born I spent a few weeks teaching him tricks so he could showcase his talents to a variety of audiences – family, friends, social media followers, etc. Kahlua was a quick learner in his infancy so I often increased the degree of difficulty when teaching him tricks knowing he would rise up to the challenge. After working with Kahlua to perfect a handful of neat tricks, I began searching for “that one unique trick” that would deliver an overwhelming amount of cuteness while melting the hearts of many. “That one unique trick” was ultimately named the Praying Puppy!

The Praying Puppy showcases Kahlua and me praying before eating a meal together. The trick itself only has 3 components so it wasn’t difficult for Kahlua to learn. However, teaching an 11-week-old puppy a trick that includes placing a large bowl of delicious food in their face is challenging to some degree. Having said that, once all of the components were completed and stitched together the result was adorable.

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7-week-old Puppy Walks Down Stairs

As a 7-week-old puppy, Kahlua was an incredibly smart, strong, and dominate Labrador Retriever. He showcased a stout body with huge paws and a fluffy full coat. We knew at first sight that Kahlua was the perfect puppy and we were so excited to scoop him up and bring him home so we could spoil him with lots of love, toys, treats, and more.

Typically, there are a lot of checkboxes that must be satisfied prior to choosing a puppy from a breeder, but Kahlua is our second Lab from the breeder so the decision-making process was a lot less time consuming. Kahlua is also the cousin to our yellow Lab, Hunter, so we were blessed to find him.

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