My Visit To Lizard Lick Towing

So here’s a view of the office from the front entrance. The female behind the safety glass is Patty. We can see Patty in the background in several episodes. She’s the only blonde female on the Lizard Lick crew so keep your eyes opened the next time you watch an episode. I also want to point out that the mirror on the right-side wall is actually a one-way mirror that is used by the Lizard Lick staff as well as the filming crew so they can monitor the antics of some of the customers. You know, those customers who throw temper tantrums and break stuff.

Patty from Lizard Lick Towing

Every season so far we have seen a new saying scribbled on the whiteboard that displays the office rules. Here’s a look at the new saying we will see in the upcoming Season 3: “You can step up or step down… You can step left or step right… But when you come to the Lick & disrespect Amy or Bobby, YOU WILL BE STEPPING.” Yeah, so there’s that…

Lizard Lick Towing Whiteboard

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