Hunter The Yellow Lab Finally Joins Instagram

I’ve been swimming in the social media space for more than 15 years now and while I’ve shared hundreds of pictures and videos of my yellow Lab Hunter to all of my social networks, I never created an Instagram account for him. Trust me, I’ve thought about introducing Hunter to the millions of dog lovers that saturate the social network, but it takes time to effectively manage multiple (read: 10) social networking accounts, especially when you’re busy with life in general.

Sure, posting pictures every day on Instagram is a fairly easy task, but that alone is not how you build a targeted following. While the first requirement can be satisfied by posting engaging content on Instagram, applying a cool filter, searching for the “right” popular hashtags, and interacting with fans are necessary ingredients to build a successful brand. After all, showcasing your pet’s awesomeness and cuteness in order to achieve rock star status is the ultimate goal, right? Don’t get it twisted, I’m not suggesting this is a numbers game or a popularity contest. I’m merely stating that it’s all about leveraging the social network to bring more exposure to your pet.

While Hunter usually gets whatever he wants because he’s such a spoiled pup, I wasn’t going to introduce him to Instagram if I didn’t have the time to effectively manage his account. That wouldn’t fly. Therefore, I decided to put the idea on the back burner for a bit and continue sharing his cuteness on my social networks. However, that decision was reversed last week when Savannah (aka mom to Hunter) and I thought it was time for Hunter to make a splash on Instagram.

On June 8, 2014 Hunter made his debut on Instagram and he’s loving it. Within his first week he’s garnered more than 75+ followers and connected with some cool canines. Now that Hunter has a presence on the social network he’s determined to blow past my follower count. He’s so competitive!

Below is one of Hunter’s Instagram photos. Yes, he enjoys taking naps on the kitchen island. I told you he was spoiled.

You can check out Hunter’s Instagram page here: Make sure you say “hello” and tell him his daddy sent you.

Update 8/13/2014: Since today is Hunter’s birthday I thought it would be a good idea to update this blog post to bring you up to speed on his Instagram activity. So, in less than two months on the social network Hunter has garnered more than 500+ followers. It looks like he’s on his way to that rock star status I was talking about. Go Hunter!

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