Sac-O-Suds in My Cousin Vinny: Past, Present, & Future

Here I am with the Terrill-Hoover family behind the counter at the Sac-O-Suds. Payson Hoover (left), Dolores Hoover (middle), myself (back), and Cary Terrill (right).

Savannah sporting her new Sac-O-Suds t-shirt while I’m holding a couple of Two Yutes tuna fish cans (yes, these two yutes definitely paid for the tuna – see the receipt below) in front of the My Cousin Vinny manuscript and other memorabilia displayed on the wall. On a side note: we were told that we’re the first to purchase the new Sac-O-Suds t-shirt. So, make sure you look for our photo hanging in the store if you get a chance to visit.

Here’s our Sac-O-Suds receipt given to us by the clerk, who I might add, was still alive when we left the store that day. Promise.

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