My Cousin Vinny Filming Locations

My Cousin Vinny Filming Locations
Last September I published a blog post titled “My Cousin Vinny: Then and Now 20th Anniversary” after I visited more than 10 filming locations in July 2012. I wrote the blog post to share my experience with family and friends who like the movie, as well as all the My Cousin Vinny fans around the Web. After all, it was the film’s 20th anniversary so I thought it would be a nice treat for everyone.

The blog post received an overwhelming positive response from people all across the country. I’ve received countless messages on Twitter, Facebook, and via the Contact form on this website telling me how much they enjoyed reading the blog post and seeing all the then-and-now photos. The guys over at Adventure Club Podcast even invited me on their show to do an interview. Although I received a lot of awesome feedback, several readers wanted to know the physical address of many of the filming locations so they could visit them as well.

Well, after several people contacted me I thought it would be a good idea to share the My Cousin Vinny tour itinerary I put together so those people who want to visit these filming locations can make it happen without spending a lot of time searching the Web for these locations. Trust me, I’ve been there already. Since websites such as IMDb and Wikipedia only share faint details about the filming locations it was difficult to find addresses for many of these locations.

Below you will find our Travel Summary which includes the number of locations visited, estimated timetable for the entire trip, and the estimated miles driven. The next two pages include a list of Filming Location Addresses and Notable Scenes Filmed at Locations. The last page includes an image of a Google map I created. I dropped pins on each filming location so you could get a visual of the tour.

Enjoy and have a safe trip!

Travel Summary

Number of filming locations visiting: 11
Number of towns visiting: 5
Number of counties visiting: 4
Estimated travel time: 4 hours 21 minutes
Estimated sightseeing time (pictures, videos, lunch, etc.): 3 hours 15 minutes
Total estimated trip time: 7 hours 36 minutes
Estimated travel miles: 202.8 miles

Tour date: Saturday, July 28, 2012
Departure time: 9:30 a.m.
Approximate return time: 5:30 p.m.

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