My Cousin Vinny Filming Locations

The names of the filming locations below are accompanied with a list of scenes that were filmed at each location. While there are other scenes filmed at some of these locations, I only listed the most notable. Click the links to see the photos that were taken at each filming location.

Notable Scenes Filmed at Locations

Sac-O-Suds Movie Scenes
Scene #1: This is the convenience store where Bill & Stan stopped for groceries and the murder took place.
Scene #2: Bill & Stan cross bridge on the way to the Sac-O-Suds.

Beechum County Courthouse & Town Square Movie Scenes
Scene #1: “You got mud in your tires” parking spot – 2nd parking spot from the right on Forsyth Steet
Scene #2: Several interior and exterior courthouse scenes (no courtroom scenes) are filmed at this location.
Scene #3: Vinny & Lisa walk by monument in the center of the town square after arriving in town.
Scene #4: Lisa runs up the stairs next to Mitchell’s Department Store looking for a suit store.
(store address: 146 West Greene St, Monticello, GA 31064 – store on the corner, next to stairs)
Scene #5: Lisa visits Lacy’s Secondhand Store to buy Vinny a red tuxedo for court after falling in the mud.
(store address: 214 Forsyth Street, Monticello, GA 31064)
Scene #6: Vinny & Lisa enter town for the very first time and pass the ERA Realty, while blasting music.

Beecham County Sheriff’s Office Movie Scenes
Scene #1: Bill & Stan are interrogated in the Sheriff’s Office. Bill places a call to his mom.
(Scenes were filmed on the top floor. The movie set was created and still standing at the time of visit.)

Dave’s Bar-B-Que & Seafood Movie Scenes
Scene #1: Vinny & Lisa get into an argument at the end of movie. Vinny notices tire marks in Lisa’s photo.

General Putnam Motel Movie Scenes
Scene #1: Vinny & Lisa are woken up by the loud sawmill steam whistle.
(Vinny & Lisa stayed in room #11 in the movie, but the scenes were not filmed in the actual room.)
Scene #2: Vinny & Lisa order and eat breakfast at motel restaurant. They also learn how to cook grits.

White Mansion Movie Scenes
Scene #1: Bill & Stan pass this house on the left on the way to Sac-O-Suds during opening credits.

Nolan’s Shore Road Movie Scenes
Scene #1: Bill & Stan pass this road on the way to Sac-O-Suds during opening credits.
(“Horse Manure for Sale” sign was visible in movie.)

Parker Hotel Movie Scenes
Scene #1: Vinny & Lisa are woken up by squealing pigs that are across the street at the slaughter house.

Parker’s Pork Products Movie Scenes
Scene #1: The slaughter house across the street from the Parker Hotel which housed pigs.

The Pool Hall Movie Scenes
Scene #1: The “Counter Offer.” Vinny visits the pool hall to get Lisa’s $200 back from J.T.
Scene #2: Vinny meets J.T. in the evening to collect the $200, but J.T. was caught bluffing.
Scene #3: Guy swallows the entire chicken drumstick.

Wahzoo City Hotel Movie Scenes
Scene #1: Hotel where Vinny & Lisa are woken up by the train at 5:00 a.m., complains to front desk in AM.
Scene #2: Vinny returns from cabin, punches J.T. in the face, takes his money, and goes into hotel.

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