My Cousin Vinny: Then and Now 20th Anniversary

Beechum County Courthouse (real name: Jasper County Courthouse)
This is the famed courthouse in the movie where Bill and Stan were on trial for murder. The Jasper County Courthouse has undergone renovations over the years, but the majority of the original structure remains the same. The courtroom scenes in the movie were based on the Jasper County Courthouse which is located in Monticello, however, none of the actual courtroom scenes were filmed inside the courthouse. Instead, the film crew built a set in Covington that mirrored the real courtroom. Several pieces of furniture inside the courtroom were transported to the set in order to be used in the movie.

Jasper County Courthouse Clip

Jasper County Courthouse 2012

While we were scouting filming locations we were approached by a couple of different people who lived in the small town. It was obvious we didn’t blend well with the locals, but the people we came across were genuinely nice and showed us some Southern hospitality. There was one person in particular named Dave we met in front of the courthouse while taking pictures. Dave gave us a history lesson about the town and once he found out our purpose for being there he provided us with additional behind-the-scene details about the movie. Although it was a Saturday and all the government buildings were closed, Dave told us that a small political group was meeting inside the courthouse that day and that we were more than welcome to freely tour the entire courthouse. How’s that for a “f*cking world traveler?”

Chris Credendino

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