My Cousin Vinny: Then and Now 20th Anniversary

Sheriff in the Rear-view Mirror
While this photo is self explanatory, allow me to explain it a little further. At this point of the trip Stephanie and I were on a cooouuntry road, surrounded with lots and lots of dirt, trees, and grass, on the way to the Parker Hotel filming location. All of a sudden, I looked in my rear-view and noticed a dark-colored vehicle closing in on us at a very fast clip. The car was moving – fast!!! Within a few seconds I realized it was a sheriff. (“Oh, great,” I thought to myself! “Are you kidding me right now!”) While this is all unfolding, Stephanie is taking pictures of the sheriff in the passenger mirror. Nonetheless, the sheriff started to ride my bumper hard for several minutes and during this time I’m thinking “is this movie about to play itself out in real life???” Then of course Stephanie chimes in, “doesn’t it feel like we’re in the actual My Cousin Vinny movie right now?” My reply, “ha. ha. not. funny. Steph!”

I believe the sheriff was simply straddling my bumper so he/she could get a clear read of my license plate to do a quick check on us. In the end, since I wasn’t speeding and my vehicle was properly registered and insured, the sheriff never pulled us over. I’m just glad I had swapped out my New York license plates for Georgia plates when I moved to the state. Otherwise, I might have had to call “my” cousin, Vinny, to help us out. Now that would have been “a f*cking nightmare!”

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