My Cousin Vinny: Then and Now 20th Anniversary

Parker Pork Products (real name: James S. Thrasher Memorial)
Remember when Vinny woke up and freaked out when he heard squealing pigs? Well, this is the location we see in the movie when Vinny walks out onto the balcony of his hotel wearing his NY Yankees jersey, looks down at the pigs across the street, and can’t believe his eyes.

This building is in the same condition as it was in the movie, except that the windows are no longer boarded up and obviously no pigs hanging around the place. The building is located in the very small town of Bostwick. According to my research, the town has a lot of history, but it’s pretty much a spot in the road with a population of only a few hundred. Ohhh: The mayor of this town… his last name is Bostwick too. That should give you some indication about the size of the town.

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