My Yellow Lab, Hunter, Debuts On YouTube

Hunter Credendino
Earlier this evening my yellow Lab, Hunter, and I played a game of hide and seek. So here’s how the game is played: I hide a bunch of Marrowbone treats around the house and Hunter attempts to find each treat as quickly as possible. Each time we play I try to find more difficult hiding spots than the last game played while requesting that he improves his recovery speed. However, Hunter always seems to step up his game and impress me regardless of the curveballs I throw at him.

In the video below we can see Hunter searching for treats while I countdown the remaining treats. When I give Hunter the one-treat-to-go sign he knows he only has 1 treat left to find. That’s right, he can count too. If a treat is out of his reach, I trained Hunter to sit directly in front of the treat when he has located its scent to alert me of his findings. However, things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes Hunter gets a little too excited so instead of sitting in front of the treat, he just wants me to grab the treat that is out of his reach and give it to him once he has located it – as seen in this video. After all his hard work, he deserves it though.

So while Hunter is involved in a lot of my social shares across the many social sites I use on a daily basis, YouTube isn’t a site I post content to often. Therefore, I never uploaded any videos of Hunter to the site until today. However, now that Hunter has more than 15 different tricks under his belt, 10 of which are quite complicated and impressive, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of his skills with the YouTube community.

So, without further ado, here’s Hunter’s first YouTube video.

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