Another Inside Look at Twitter for BlackBerry – Beta v1.0.0.37

A couple months ago I took you inside the first Twitter for BlackBerry® beta app and shared my likes and dislikes. While I was impressed with the app’s GUI, color scheme, and features, I was disappointed with the basic features it lacked and its sluggish performance. Nonetheless, today I got my hands on the new Twitter for BlackBerry® beta v1.0.0.37 and all I can say is “amazing” – simply amazing. This new version of Twitter for BlackBerry® is a pleasure to use now that RIM added several features, made improvements to existing features, and now uses data cache to speed up performance.

The features in this new version of Twitter for BlackBerry® include:

Option to disable navigation bar
Option to disable status update tweet box on home screen
Option to set the font family and font size for your timeline
Option to set notifications for new replies and mentions
Option to edit your profile
Option to view and create lists
Option to enlarge a user’s avatar when viewing their profile
Overall performance is much faster due to the application’s data cache

While the app is on its way to become the leader in Twitter apps for BlackBerry devices there are still two features that I mentioned in my last post that need improvement. The first is the retweet feature. Most people like to have the option to edit a tweet before they retweet it to their followers. Not allowing a person to edit a tweet could cause people to not want to retweet or perhaps not want to use the app if they retweet a lot. The second feature that needs improvement, yet not as important, is the choice to choose from different photo services. TwitPic might be the first Twitter photo service to arrive on the scene, but there are several other photo services out there such as TweetPhoto, TwitGoo, as well as many others that are gaining popularity. Therefore, allowing the user to choose between photo services is something RIM should consider before they release the official Twitter for BlackBerry® app.

Update: The official Twitter for BlackBerry® app is now available to the public. You can download the app at

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