Foursquare Day: Inside the Numbers

Yesterday marked the first global social media holiday in history, Foursquare Day. If you missed it, Foursquare, the location-based social media service, announced last month that every April 16th will be Foursquare Day, a social media holiday. This particular day was chosen because April is the 4th month of the year and 4^2 = 16. Simple enough, yeah?

Foursquare Day was a huge success across the globe so let’s take a look inside the numbers.

  • Reached nearly 940,000 registered users
  • 20,000 new signups
  • 550,000 check-ins
  • 9 check-ins per second @ peak time
  • 45 different venues unlocked the Swarm badge
  • 150+ events around the globe celebrated Foursquare Day
  • Foursquare Day is now officially the 1st global social media holiday in history
  • The official “#4sqDay 2010” badge was unlocked by more than 400,000+ users [est.]

  • [Photo Credit: Nick McGlynn]

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