Parker Liautaud Skis to the North Pole to Snag Mayor on Foursquare

On Friday, 15-year-old Parker Liautaud began an extraordinary expedition to become one of the youngest people to ski the Last Degree of the North Pole. The ultimate goal of this expedition is to help young people become more environmentally aware. With the help of GE Ecomagination, the quest is interactive with a social media twist. Fans can track Parker’s progress by visiting his social media sites which include Twitter, Facebook, flickr, YouTube, Google Earth, and Foursquare. While you can visit each site individually, Facebook is the hub for the interactive experience. Those who follow Parker have the opportunity to share their ideas and videos on how they are reducing their carbon footprint to improve the environment. According to Outside Online, the best ideas and videos submitted will be turned over to the delegates at the 2010 United Nations Environmental Conference in Bonn, Germany.

You might be asking yourself how Foursquare plays into this expedition. Foursquare is one of the many social media tools Parker is using as he makes his way to the North Pole. Although he will be checking in to various places along the way, he will most likely be creating new venues since it’s doubtful there will be a lot of venues to choose from at this point. Unlike Jim Bumgardne, aka “KrazyDad,” who never really became Mayor of the North Pole, Parker Liautaud will not only become the first Mayor of the North Pole on Foursquare, he has an excellent chance to hold down the North Pole mayorship for a very long time.

It’s great to see how social media is playing an important role in Parker’s journey to the North Pole. If you want to follow as he continues his journey visit the links below and share how you are reducing your carbon footprint.

Facebook – Post to Parker’s Wall, submit videos, view pictures, and get the latest information.
Twitter – Follow Parker on Twitter to see his tweets as he makes his way to the North Pole.
flickr – View Parker’s latest photos as he continues to ski the Last Degree.
YouTube – Watch video of Parker as he skis North.
Google Earth – Watch Parker unlock content as he hits checks points.
Foursquare – Once Parker reaches the North Pole he will unlock the Last Degree badge.

Update: On Saturday, April 10, 2010 Parker Liautaud reached the North Pole and unlocked the Last Degree badge. Visit Parker’s Foursquare page to see the new badge and then head over to TwitPic to see a photo of Parker that was taken at the North Pole.

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