Sweet Home Alabama Filming Locations

The list of filming locations below are accompanied by the most memorable scenes that were filmed at each location. Tap or click the link next to the scene to view the then-and-now photos.

Notable Scenes Filmed at Locations

Pigeon Creek Town Line
Scene #1: Melanie drives past this house on her way into Pigeon Creek, Alabama.
Scene #2: “Welcome to Pigeon Creek – Est. 1882” This is the sign Melanie passes as she enters town.

Town of Pigeon Creek Scenes
Scene #1: Melanie enters town driving her father’s old Ford pick-up truck.
Scene #2: Bobby Ray shouts to Melanie, “You look like sex on a stick in that Frederick Montana getup.”
Scene #3: This is where the Pigeon Creek Catfish Festival took place.
Scene #4: Jake and Andrew drive through town on their way to the Civil War battlefield.

Coon Dog Cemetery Scenes
Scene #1: Melanie visits the cemetery to see Bear’s grave, their bloodhound who past away.
Scene #2: Melanie and Jake talk about old times, watch lightening bugs near the shack, and kiss.

Pigeon Creek Courthouse/Sheriff’s Department Scenes
Scene #1: Melanie calls her parents, Earl and Pearl Smooter, to bail her out of jail.
Scene #2: Jake and the guys drinking beer on top of the water tower during the Catfish Festival.

Virgie’s Cafe Scenes
Scene #1: This is the cafe where Melanie’s attorney looks for her so she can sign the divorce papers.

Pigeon Creek Water Tower Scenes
Scene #1: Jake and the guys enjoying a few beers while overlooking the Catfish Festival.

Farmers & Merchants Bank
Scene #1: This is the bank Melanie visits and learns that her name is still on the joint account with Jake.

Pigeon Creek Post Office Scenes
Scene #1: This is the post office where Melanie mails the divorce papers to her attorney.

CSX Railroad Bridge Scenes
Scene #1: This bridge can be seen as Jake and Andrew are driving to the Civil War battlefield.

White House on the Corner Scenes
Scene #1: Jake and Andrew pass this house on the way to the Civil War battlefield.

Stella’s Roadhouse Scenes
Scene #1: The honky-tonk redneck bar Jake’s mother owns.
Scene #2: Melanie says to Lurlynn, “Look at you, you have a baby… In a bar.”
Scene #3: Melanie reunites with her old friends, Eldon and Clinton.
Scene #4: Melanie and Jake get into an argument outside the bar after she insults their friends.

Civil War Reenactment Scenes
Scene #1: The battlefield where Earl Smooter participates in the Civil War reenactment.
Scene #2: Melanie finally tells her fiancé, Andrew, that Jake is her husband.

Deep South Glass Scenes
Scene #1: This is the glassblowing store where Jake showcases all his glass sculptures.
Scene #2: Melanie, Tabatha, and Frederick visit the store and quickly realize that Jake is the owner.
Scene #3: The outbuilding can be seen in the opening shot of the Deep South Glass scene.

Jake’s House
Scene #1: This is the house where Jake lives with his bloodhound, Bryant.
Scene #2: Melanie redecorates the house using the money from their joint banking account.

Carmichael Plantation Scenes
Scene #1: This is the home where Melanie pretends to have grown up in Alabama.
Scene #2: Melanie gives the New York Post reporter, Barry Lowenstein, a tour around the plantation.
Scene #3: Bobby Ray and Colonel Murphy anvil shooting in the backyard.
Scene #4: This is where Melanie and Andrew’s wedding was supposed to take place.
Scene #5: Andrew and his mother, Mayor Hennings, eating in the dinning room.

Restaurant Scenes
Scene #1: Melanie and Mayor Hennings eat lunch and discuss possible locations for the wedding.

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