Sweet Home Alabama: Then and Now – 12 Years Later

Jake & Melanie Arguing Outside of Stella’s
In this scene Jake and Melanie are arguing about Melanie’s behavior towards their friends inside the bar. At this point, Jake is trying to take her keys away so she doesn’t drive home. The white pavilion in the background hasn’t change a bit since filming. This structure sits in the dirt parking lot directly across from the side entrance of the established.

This is the side entrance of Stella’s Roadhouse that Melanie and Jake used when leaving the bar. Although it’s now faded, the Coca-Cola sign posted on the side of the building that reads “Please use the front door” is the same handwritten sign we see in the scene when Jake asks his date to follow him home. In fact, aside from the AC unit, boarded up door, and the fallen wood pile, nothing has changed since the filming. The photos are almost identical!

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