Sweet Home Alabama: Then and Now – 12 Years Later

Carmichael Plantation Balcony-
Here we see Melanie, Bobby Ray, and the New York Post reporter standing on the balcony overlooking the backyard at the Carmichael home. There’s not much to say about this photo other than nothing has changed since the shoot. This was a crane shot so I’m just glad I was able to get the correct angle when I took this photo being that I was at ground level.

So, Savannah takes all of the behind-the-scenes shots on our filming location tours. Here’s a photo she snapped of me while I was taking pictures of the Oak Hill mansion.

Notice the windows in the distance to my left. This is where they filmed the dining room scene with Andrew and his mother, Mayor Hennings. Yep, the scene was actually shot inside Martha Berry’s Oak Hill home in Georgia – not in New York. The dining room is located through the french doors Melanie almost opens next to the closet while giving the pushy reporter (aka the assistant to the mayor of New York) a tour of the home. Now you know why she didn’t open the doors when giving him the tour and how the closet scene was born.

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