The Dukes of Hazzard: Then and Now – 35 Years Later

Civic & Fraternal Club (real name: Candler Hall)
The Civic & Fraternal Club is one of the clubs where Bo and Luke set up the slot machines in the first episode. Although it has grown a lot over the years, this is the same tree seen in “One Armed Bandits” that had the “For Sheriff … Honest John Ledbetter” poster attached to it.

This filming location is two buildings to the left of Seney Hall on the Oxford College campus. It’s currently the Oxford College Student Center. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open when we visited so we were unable to take photos of the inside.

Side note: In “The Complete 01 First Season” DVD set, John Schneider (Bo Duke) delivers audio commentary during the “One Armed Bandits” episode and mistakenly tells viewers that this location is Covington Town Square when it’s actually Oxford College Quad.

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