The Dukes of Hazzard: Then and Now – 35 Years Later

Cooter’s Garage & Junkyard (real name: Crane Auto Parts)
This is the filming location used in several episodes as Cooter’s Garage & Junkyard. Some notable scenes filmed at this location include Cooter and Enos discussing the headers in the blue Plymouth Flury and the Duke boys trying to evade the two federal agents in the junkyard.

Unfortunately, the yard was gated at the time of our visit and there were No Trespassing signs posted on the property as well. Therefore, we didn’t venture onto the property, but did snap a couple of photos from the entrance. There wasn’t much to see anyway. All the junked vehicles have been removed from the yard, however, the famed blue-white bus seen in the very first episode of the show was still on the property at the time of our visit. The office and garage appear to have suffered a lot of damage and the yard is littered with old used tires.

After doing some digging, it appears that after 50+ years in business, Crane Auto Parts called it quits and closed its doors a few years ago.

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