The Dukes of Hazzard Filming Locations

Below is a list of filming locations accompanied by the most notable scenes that were filmed at each location. To view then-and-now photos of each location, tap or click the links.

Notable Scenes Filmed at Locations

Bump Bridge Jump Scenes
Scene #1: The Duke boys go airborne when being chased by Enos for unknowingly transporting moonshine in Cooter’s blue Plymouth Flury.

The Meeting Bridge Scenes
Scene #1: Boss Hogg and McQuaid meet to discuss locating Mary Kaye and the money she stole.
Scene #2: McQuaid and his partner stop on the dirt road to discuss Mary Kaye. Although the bridge can’t be seen in the scene, this location is at the end of the bridge.
Scene #3: The Duke boys and Mary Kaye hide under the bridge to evade McQuaid and his partner.

Boar’s Nest Scenes
Scene #1: Daisy Duke kicks Sheriff Rosco to the ground and steals his police cruiser (also seen in the opening credits).
Scene #2: The Duke boys visit the Boar’s Nest to grab a beer and end up helping Cooter in the bar fight.
Scene #3: Rosco posts election posters at the entrance of the Boar’s Nest.

Hazzard Square Scenes
Scene #1: Sheriff Rosco is in “hot pursuit” of the Duke boys around the town square.
Scene #2: Bo and Luke leave the courthouse and walk across the street to the town square to discuss the Rolls Royce repo with Boss Hogg.
Scene #3: The Duke boys meet Uncle Jesse at the courthouse to report for probation.

Ace’s Clean Used Car Lot Scenes
Scene #1: Boss Hogg and Ace Parker discuss the repossession of the silver Rolls Royce.
Scene #2: Bo and Luke stop by Ace’s lot to buy Richard Petty’s washed-up stock car that was used in the tire commercial.

General Lee Jumps Down Hill Scenes
Scene #1: General Lee jumps down the hill, chasing Cooter in the police cruiser (also seen in the opening credits).
Scene #2: Rosco chasing the General Lee through the interaction and up the hill towards Hazzard Square.

Sheridan Orphanage Scenes
Scene #1: Bo visits the orphan home to deliver money from the slot machines to Jill Dodson.
Scene #2: Rosco chases the Duke boys onto the property and then realizes it’s his surprise party.

The Famous General Lee Dirt-mound Jump Scenes
Scene #1: The General Lee jumps over Rosco’s police cruiser (also seen in the opening credits).

Civic & Fraternal Club Scenes
Scene #1: The “Honest John Ledbetter for Sheriff” poster attached to the tree.
Scene #2: Bo and Luke setting up slot machines inside the club.
Scene #3: Boss Hogg and Rosco stand on the balcony, watching people play the slot machines.

General Lee Crossing Railroad Tracks Scenes
Scene #1: Rosco chases Bo and Luke over the railroad crossing as they make their way to the Sheridan Orphanage.

Hazzard County Jail Scenes
Scene #1: The Duke boys break Daisy out of jail.

Department of Environmental Protection Services Scenes
Scene #1: The federal agent, Rosco, and Boss Hogg chase the Duke boys and Uncle Jesse through the parking lot.

Cooter’s Garage & Junkyard Scenes
Scene #1: The junkyard where the Duke boys and Daisy get chased by the two federal agents.

Grocery Store / Gas Station Scenes
Scene #1: The grocery store where the Duke boys and Mary Kaye stop.

High Octane Jump Scenes
Scene #1: The intersection where the General Lee jumps the flatbed trailer (also seen in the opening credits).

Hazzard County Line Scenes
Scene #1: Daisy wearing a red bikini at the Hazzard County line, flagging down the fertilizer truck transporting slot machines (also seen in the opening credits).

Uncle Jesse’s Farm Scenes
Scene #1: Uncle Jesse gets the mail from the mailbox in front of the house.
Scene #2: Cooter’s blue Plymouth Flury explodes in front of Uncle Jesse’s farmhouse.
Scene #3: Rosco tries to kick the kitchen door.
Scene #4: McQuaid and his partner sneak attack the Dukes.

Starr’s Apartment Complex Scenes
Scene #1: The apartment complex where Daisy visits Lester Starr to demo her song.

Driving to Starr’s Recording Studio Scenes
Scene #1: The parkway Bo, Luke, and Daisy traveled on the way to Starr Recording Studio in Atlanta.

Police Chase through Atlanta Scenes
Scene #1: Atlanta Police chase Boss Hogg throughout the city.

Starr Recording Studio Scenes
Scene #1: Federal agents and police raid the studio.
Scene #2: Luke slides across the front hood of the General Lee in the parking lot (also seen in the opening credits).

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